Benefits of Intestinal Bacteria: What You Should Know

To say that the human body is amazing is an understatement, there’re simply no words to define how remarkable it really is. But here’s a fun fact, the human body is home to billions of microscopic bacteria. And a large number of them are in your intestines.

Disgusting right?

Sounds like something from a horror story, but… not really. You see everyone has them. Having intestinal bacteria is a normal thing.

In fact, our bodies even benefit from these little squirmy creatures. Here’s how…

Getting to Know Good Bacteria

There’s a large variety of intestinal bacteria, they all play a vital role, and their role can greatly affect our health status.

One of the benefits of intestinal bacteria is that they help train and stimulate our immune system. In the earlier stages of life, they promote growth and development of the cells in your gut. As we grow older, this will aid in fighting other bacterial infections. Kind of ironic huh?

These good bacteria also help with the digestion of food. In fact, anything that’s hard to digest like fiber and carbohydrates end up becoming bacteria food once it reaches the colon. And it doesn’t stop there. Anything they eat ends up being absorbed by the body. So in short, these bacteria are like our second stomach.

To add another “win” for good bacteria, they produce toxins that are lethal to bad bacteria. This makes it difficult for bad bacteria to survive, let alone grow.

The key to being healthy actually requires both the good and bad bacteria. Like most things, balance is always important. Maybe you’ve heard of the saying “too much of the good thing can be bad”. That holds true even in bacteria.

Creating an imbalance in your guts ecosystem WILL cause all kinds of health concerns.

How?  Here’s an example.

Antibiotics kill bacteria, both good and bad.  The problem is that the bad bacteria grow much more quickly.  If your bad bacteria dominate, your immune system is constantly stressed which reduces your resistance to disease.

Factors affecting your intestinal bacteria include alcohol, processed foods, drugs, sugar, food preservatives, medications and stress. Over use with any of these factors can lead to digestive problems including bloating, gas, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.

So how do you keep this from happening?

By bringing in the good guys! Improve your health and fight off possible health problems by taking probiotics. To create a harmonious environment in your gut, you need probiotics regularly.

You can also help these good bacteria out by drinking lots of water and minimizing stress. Exercising, a healthy diet, and some good ol’ probiotics can help you stay healthy.

A happy gut means a healthy life. Funny isn’t it?

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